SPeed of Technology Podcast Formats

The SPeed of Technology Podcast has a variety of formats, each of which can be subscribed too separately by using the RSS feed listed with each category below. To subscribe to all formats in a single feed, click here.

The News Brief

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The News Brief is meant to be a simple, weekly episode where we each identify some of the top news in IT, be it the Microsoft Cloud, the Cloud competitive landscape, or IT in general. These are items we think are topical and timely in the technology industry.

Community Edition Interview

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The Community Edition brings our hosts together with technology community influencers as they travel around the … globe? … interviewing influencers both well known and those often only found behind the scenes in short, approximately 10 minute segments. Why? Because these people have the pulse of technology and they know what technologists want, and who doesn’t have 10 minutes to hear it? The Community Edition is geared towards technologists who are looking to make a name for themselves and business leadership who want to understand how to identify them.

Feature Length Interview

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The Feature Length Interview will expand on the Community Edition with a deeper dive into subjects from business to IT. We will cover conferences, the latest announcements for Microsoft and their competitors, and the soft and technical skills required to support these systems.


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