Buzzkill E17 – Why Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with Thomas Heinz – IT Security Series

In this episode of Buzzkill, Thomas Heinz joins Hunter and Jay to continue the identity discussion. This time, we dig in and talk about the importance of MFA and even uncover a little of the mystery of why it often feels like we’re either getting constant requests for an MFA check or following no distinguishable pattern.

Either way, Thomas, Jay, and Hunter dig deep on this one and try to keep this as non-technical as possible while deep diving into a highly technical topic. Join us, and let us know what questions you have so we can get you answers!

About Thomas Heinz

➡️ ☁️ Thomas started his journey in the IT world with ‘dual studies’ (apprenticeship and studies combined) at Siemens AG. After completion and a few years of application management for Microsoft SharePoint and Project Server at PSoD (Project Service on Demand) he took on a new challenge at AvePoint (ISV and Microsoft Partner) and started his career in the PreSales field.

He really enjoys doing PreSales – the combination of IT and problem solving, talking with people about business challenges is a very good combination for him as he is open minded and always (almost) positive.

Recently Thomas moved on and started at Okta – now he is connecting the right people to the right technology at the right time. ☁️

Connect with Thomas here:

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