#OTSTWIT Viva Connections with Susan Hanley – Episode 42

This Week’s Episode:

This week Jay & Craig are joined by Susan Hanley, Microsoft MVP and well known advocate for the business in SharePoint and M365 solutions, to discuss Viva Connections.

Viva Connections is often thought of as “the intranet tool for Teams” and while it does enable you to bring your intranet into Microsoft Teams, in and of itself Viva Connections is not enough. In Susan’s words, “don’t think about Viva Connections, think about making a great intranet site” … this is the first step in making sure that your investment in Viva Connections pays off.

About Susan Hanley

Susan Hanley is the founder and president of Susan Hanley LLC. For more than fifteen years, Sue and her associates have helped her clients deliver successful SharePoint and Microsoft 365 intranet and collaboration solutions that enable them to reduce the time it takes to deliver projects, work more effectively with partners, share and reuse knowledge and best practices, communicate and collaborate, and reduce the “time to talent” for new employees. More importantly, these successful solutions have a flexible and maintainable information architecture, an effective governance plan, a realistic plan for measuring results, and reflect a design and implementation strategy that promotes user adoption. Sue’s client list includes companies of all sizes, including many of the Fortune 500 along with some of the world’s leading academic, professional services, and not-for-profit organizations.

Before forming Susan Hanley LLC, Sue led the Portals, Collaboration, and Content Management practice at Dell Professional Services (formerly Plural, Inc.). Sue joined Plural (which was acquired by Dell in 2002) after more than 18 years of consulting experience at American Management Systems, Inc. (AMS). In 1995, she became the first Director of Knowledge Management for AMS, a position she held for five years. Sue Hanley also helped develop AMS’s knowledge management consulting practice. Prior to establishing the AMS Knowledge Centers, she was a project manager and business analyst on a variety of consulting engagements. Her areas of expertise include information architecture, knowledge management, governance, user adoption, and business value metrics.

Learn More from Susan here:

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