OTSNB 10-25-17 What’s Hot in IT Career Trends and Amazon Key

Recorded October 25, 2017

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In our first On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke talk about some past and upcoming travel, bring you the news, and introduce a couple of new podcast formats to the On the SPOT Podcast:

  • The News Brief is meant to be a simple, weekly episode where we each pick a couple of news articles to talk about, things we think are topical and timely in the technology industry. As always, our goal is to inform technology and business leadership, so the articles will hopefully fit here.
  • The Community Edition brings our traveling hosts together with technology community influencers, both those well known and those often only found behind the scenes. Why? Because these people have know the pulse of technology and they know what technologists want. The Community Forum is geared towards technologists who are looking to make a name for themselves and business leadership who want to understand how to identify them.

For news, Craig brought us information about hot (and cold) IT career trends and the latest from Amazon’s consumer edition technology solutions:

  • 7 hot IT career trends: Analytics and AI, business and soft skills, hybrid technology/business roles. Technology is changing and so are the biggest needs in supporting it. But don’t forget, when one thing gets hot, another thing goes cold: development teams in silos are the big one, and we have spoken about it in every-single-episode of the podcast.
  • Amazon Key: Amazon has announced a new Prime member service which comes with a technology kit including a smart lock and an internet enabled camera. Amazon is hot on the heals of Walmart who announced a similar service in the past month. But why is this important? See if Jay and Craig can convince you why this consumer news is worthy of the business professional (and not just for our own front doors).

If you can get past the technology issues Jay had while recording, we hope you’ll like the News Brief series. We look forward to seeing you next week!

This week’s dinosaur fact: meat eaters, known as theropods, are actually named for their clawed/hooked feet, not for what they eat! I can’t believe we forgot to include this in the recording!

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