This Week in Teams #OTSTWIT E13 – July 27, 2020

This Week in Teams Episode 13 – July 27, 2020

This week saw some interesting market announcements from the industry. Slack is taking Microsoft to anti-trust court in the EU. Google announced that Gmail will continue to be the center of their collaboration strategy. And Zoom has been surprised by Microsoft in usage stats.

For users of multiple tenants, frustrated with the web browser profile game, someone found a hack to load multiple instances of Microsoft Teams — but neither Craig nor Jay have tested it. If you do, let us know how it worked!

Microsoft and the NBA have taken an interesting spin on how to have live games without fans – and are bringing the fans in via Together Mode on 70+ foot wide screens! While there are a number of privacy and security concerns – including, how do we keep trolls from putting inappropriate content on their screens in a live video share – but this takes pulling fans in virtually to a new level. Certainly more interactive than MLB’s cardboard cutouts!

Last week was Microsoft Inspire, their annual partner awards festival, and with that came a few interesting announcements.

For one, Lists are officially rolling out in August, and this is a GREAT step forward for end-user use of the powerful tools in SharePoint.

Next, DataFlex was announced as a rebrand of the Common Data Service (CDS) but more specifically, DataFlex for Teams was announced as a low-code option for developing some really powerful apps and bots within Microsoft Teams. We’re looking forward to going into this in a bit more depth next week with special guest Bobby Chang.

In other rebranding news, Microsoft Meeting Rooms are now Microsoft Team Rooms, and with that branding comes change in administration and integration with the flagship collaboration hub, Microsoft Teams.

And lastly, a very excited announcement of the newly released Adoption.Microsoft.Com – while there is a heavy focus on Microsoft Teams, there’s GREAT end-user adoption content including a strategy for rolling out tools from education to change management and more.

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