Microsoft Teams Together Mode and Holiday Decorations #OTSTWIT E23

In this episode of This Week in Teams we reviewed the November 2020 “What’s New in Teams” blog and tell you what’s most important! We’ll also tell you a little about why PowerApps is insanely cool, and gave an update on our Christmas decorations.

First up we talked about our decorations, how Craig has a lot of blow mold figures

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and Jay likes Star Wars and wreaths…

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(4:40) –  Then we moved on that talk about Teams Together Mode- Gimmick or value and decided that much like anything in IT, it depends. If you are doing large presentations, like teaching, user group meetings, team meetings, it is great, but maybe not practical for most small business meetings.

(9:15) – We then talked about the addition of Polls in Teams and how they can be useful in gathering impromptu information, but may not work with anonymous users.

(12:50) – We side tracked a little into a discussion on Workplace Analytics, stay tuned for an upcoming episode on that.

(15:45) – We talked about updates to iOS which were much needed, and also how Teams now can seamlessly switch between devices. Then we talked about noise suppression and Jay is a heavy typer and that we like to eat chips on conference calls.

(20:35) – Jay talked about what exactly is a Teams certified devices, and then we talked about how DataFlex (we discussed in Week 13 with Bobby Chang) is has been now renamed to (26:10) – Dataverse for Teams and that the importance of Power Platform becoming 1st class citizens in the Team applications is.

(28:35) – We also talked about how Microsoft Principal Cloud Advocate Dona Sakar is trying to help people get new jobs in tech and trained up on the Power Platform. Check out this episode of Buzzkill to see how Samit Siani was able to do just that.

(31:20) – After that we did our normal awkward wrap up and went on our Merry way…

Here is the full transcript:

Jay Leask 0:04
This Week in teams, Craig and I review the November 2020, what’s new in teams blog, and we tell you what we think is the most important. We’ll also tell you a little bit about why Power Apps is insanely cool and maybe update you on our Christmas decorations if we don’t strangle each other with them first. Like it. Thanks, Greg. I like it when you cut me off and have transitions to new topics without letting you know.

Craig Jahnke 0:54
Yes, I’m still excited about Christmas decorations. So I got all buying out. We make those pictures on our blog if you guys want to see it, but I have 35 figures, right. So I have like 12 toy soldiers lined in my driveway. I’ve got nutcrackers are getting Nativity sets. I’ve got Mickey and Minnie. I’ve got Elms, I’ve got a lot. Then I’ve got hundreds of the lights that all live up in my attic in my garage. So taking that down takes a couple hours to pull down that ladder a better way.

Jay Leask 1:27
Yeah, yeah, we have. We have 14 bins, no 15 bins of thing of Halloween stuff and 13 bins of Christmas stuff. And then we store a bunch of our outside stuff in the shed and then a bunch of our stuff in the in the basement. But so we’ve got the app blow up and I’m completely anti blow ups but my wife has has one on this one. So we’ve got the blow up out out we’ve got a blow up jack Skellington. And, and the reindeer led by zero for those of you who are Nightmare Before Christmas fans. And then this year new to the decorations. We wrapped one of our trees with red and white LED rope lights. But what I’m really genuinely excited about is last year coming out of the holidays, we spent two weeks looking for large reeds to you. So we bought a 36 inch wreath on clearance, it was $400 on clearance for like 70 or 80 bucks. Fully decorated. It’s 36 inches, it’s perfect to fit over, you know how garages sometimes have those, like circular vents over them. So we have one of those and and we installed that there with lights. And then when we went to Texas for the winter classical what No, no. When we went to Texas for the Winter Classic last year, we actually one of our friends, we went to visit her house for Christmas decorations were up and she had this gorgeous five foot you know 60 inch in diameter wreath over her

Craig Jahnke 3:13
house j how many centimeters for for listeners,

Jay Leask 3:15
I I’d have to do math. I don’t like math, five and 16 conversion math is not my specialty. Anyway, um, and she had an extra the company had sent her to and they didn’t want to pay for the shipping to send it back. So she gave it to us and we checked it under the on our on our trip home. And so I’m really excited that we got to put that together. And so that’s on the side of the house being read and it’s just I mean it’s massive man it’s so cool.

Craig Jahnke 3:50
Speaking of Cool, let’s transition today What about together whoa

Jay Leask 3:57
I’m picking up what you’re putting down Craig so together modes been in the news this week? Um, it since it’s come out there’s been a question of is it valuable? Does it does it provide actual value? I think when it was first announced they talked about it from a perspective of trying to bridge the gap in you know, the the the pandemic work from home era and try and get people together and stuff. And it did a little bit but it felt gimmicky. What were your thoughts?

Craig Jahnke 4:27
I think it depends, right? For me, it doesn’t matter. I do a ton of calls with a ton of people and nobody turns their camera on. So I can’t get up people to actually turn the camera on to actually use together mode. But that being said, if I was teaching and could get people to do it, that’s awesome. I know Besa who does our PMP call loves it like he turns it on and what I’ve seen a lot of people use it for for some reason or another Another is to have everybody on the call in together mode, and then they turn around, take a selfie or grab a screenshot of it. Yeah. So it’s a cool way of doing that kind of interaction and still having that field. So if I was more education, because like, teachers, I know, we’ve talked to like it, right? So it’s gotta have that value, it still can kind of feel like a classroom. It’s not for everybody. But it’s I mean, so a lot of features aren’t for everybody, right? But it’s just a nice, it’s a nice value add when you have the chance to do and I know like for, like happy hours and stuff, it, it seems pretty cool. If you’re doing those kind of things. Again, I don’t know, for me like the business value, but I don’t do those types of things. And then you know, for just the general users. fun thing, right? That works out pretty cool. That’s fair. And then they announced some like Christmas themes and stuff for winter themes, or a couple other ones today. So it’s not just the theater, what I called it, the theater seating or stadium seating or whatever.

Jay Leask 6:02
So that’s where that’s where I think it gets interesting. So first of all, I think it’s funny people, and then describe exactly what I did today for my user group meeting. So if I remember when I do post editing, I’ll actually show the screenshot of our user group meeting. And you’ll see, and that’s in the theater mode, because our our tenant for the user group hasn’t gotten the new feature to be able to change the background. Now, that’s where it gets interesting is they released the new backgrounds. They’re not generally available yet, but they are really actually very cool. And what I like about them, is they didn’t just take the theater and change the graphic. They actually changed the mechanics a little bit. So there’s different placements, it feels like there’s some perspective zooming on some of them I couldn’t, I felt like I saw that one on one or two, when the tenant that I was experimenting with.

Craig Jahnke 6:54
Yeah, there was something around, like sitting at a table or something like that. Yeah. So you know, different different bar even I’ve seen, that’s more I think, in just, hey, these are some cool things we’re trying to do. Whatever.

Jay Leask 7:11
Right, right, right. So long story short,

Craig Jahnke 7:14
I do think you have those that don’t get big news, right?

Jay Leask 7:18
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I do think generally speaking, it is a bit of a gimmick. But it’s a gimmick with an understanding that sometimes not everybody, but some people strive to get, you know, to see lots of faces and stuff. And it is pretty cool there. I liked your your example of teachers and education, I’ll have to ask my wife, if she’s tried it with any of her classes and see what her experience is like. And

Craig Jahnke 7:43
then, so interesting, like, I know, my daughters have seen it been in the, you know what I’ve done it. And they’re dying and 10. And they love, they like it. Like they love that they love the emojis, being able to have the whole chat with the thing that they really like teams, they would like to use it more, but they’re unfortunately not using it in their school system.

Jay Leask 8:05
Or the school system.

Craig Jahnke 8:09
Some zooms some ci, mostly Gmail type stuff. So gotcha. I don’t really know.

Jay Leask 8:15
Yeah, my daughter system uses Blackboard Collaborate. But my wife’s uses teams. So that’s cool. Anyway, I’m moving through. We also pulling out of the pulling out of the the What’s New blog, which by the way, if you’re looking for the link, check the blog and the YouTube description, and it will be there. But But pulling out of that blog, the polls and teams have been announced as coming through with forms. So that’s pretty cool. You can actually push the poll directly into your, into your, into your channels and stuff, right.

Craig Jahnke 8:53
Yeah, so that works out pretty slick. If you have some questions you want to ask you can do it right there pushes it out there, I heard some information, I’d have to double check it and put it in the blog post about lambdas. When you get guests that are logged in, and it’s kind of an anonymous user, being able to tell who they are. I shouldn’t have brought it up. But I’ll have to look into it. I know somebody was saying something about, you know, if you’re if you’re having a team meeting, and your thought team meeting, but it’s if it’s a it’s a normal meeting, but you have a guest user, right, somebody like that nonnamous they might not get they’re not able to ask to answer the poll, you have to be a member of the team to answer the poll, at least at this point.

Jay Leask 9:37
Oh, do you okay.

Craig Jahnke 9:39
Yeah. I don’t believe like if I have a meeting and I send an invite out, and even though you’re in the chat, and I put the poll, if you’re an anonymous user and you’re not part of the team, that your answer, you won’t be able to answer the poll. I’m thinking that something that working on it, double check that so just know that that I’ve heard rumblings about that.

Jay Leask 9:58
Okay, that’s that’s interesting. So For the conference, we just did the M 365. Chicago conference that wouldn’t have helped there since most of our attendees were guests. But for an office or a classroom situation where your students and employees will be in your Active Directory and have access, that’s okay. That’s good to know. Speaking of people in your Active Directory, if you, if you have used presence in Microsoft Teams, that’s the ability to set a status and set, you know, status has been there for a while, the ability to set away mode or actively available or in Do Not Disturb mode. What recently was announced was the fact that you can actually set that to have a duration. So not only can you say I’m in a call, but you can click the duration button and say, okay, expire this in 30 minutes or an hour, which is really helpful. Because I can definitely tell you that on I cannot count on on on one hand, how many times I’ve put myself in Do Not Disturb mode and realize Three days later, I was still in Do Not Disturb mode.

Craig Jahnke 11:02
Yeah, exactly. So that’s a that’s a request. I think a lot of people been asking for waiting for that so much the disturb and forgetting to come back from Do Not Disturb but saying they’re available and forgetting that they’re available. Or, or busy. Right. Right. Yeah. So that that’s important to be able to do it and have a time and not necessarily worry about it. Still waiting for it to work 100% with exchange and see when I’ve got meetings to do that, and then just automatically come out. It shouldn’t do that. But yeah, if that’s that people that’s not 100%. Always, oh, I think does it these people tell me that it doesn’t? So we’ll just say that? Ah, see,

Jay Leask 11:47
it doesn’t work on my machine.

Craig Jahnke 11:49
Yeah. My machine, I have not actually seen it that way. Or actually, what would be cool for is if it did it, when you joined the meeting, like because there are some times I will have it and it will say that I am not, I do not disturb because I’m in a meeting, but I never joined the meeting. Right? Well, so that I manually have to change it if I want people to know that I’m available. So that’s and that might be because I get Oh, by the just the sheer volume of our size of our organization, I get invited to a lot of things I don’t have to attend, or they just they send out like, we will send out like a meeting invite. And then it’ll have four different times because we’re trying to accommodate people in time zones, and you go to the one that you can,

Jay Leask 12:38
that’s best on

Craig Jahnke 12:40
calendar, because I don’t know what the time when I’m going to have availability. So, you know, I just wanna be able to. So sometimes I’m looking at as busy as I am, which is go through our workplace analytics out of place. But that is a different topic for different call.

Jay Leask 12:57
That does make me want to look into whether or not workplace analytics looks at meetings you actually went to, or just meetings that are no scheduled. But that’s a different I don’t want to I want to talk about top your head.

Craig Jahnke 13:11
Yes. So it either It depends, right, it looks at me that you accepted or meetings that you’ve accepted, tentative, but have not declined. Know can change the setting on how you look at that. But it does not know whether or not you’ve actually went into that meeting. Now there’s another metric that you can do a pull the team’s calls in and see if you’re in a team call or not. Okay, but as far as meetings, I mean, like, if it’s on your exchange calendar, there’s no way for it to know if you actually go to meeting right, because the meeting might be in a conference room. Well, yeah, the buddy

Jay Leask 13:45
the in person meetings. Sure. But with with the number of people working from home, I was curious if they had built that and that would be interesting.

Craig Jahnke 13:53
Yeah, so there are two metrics that you would have to look at you kind of divine so meeting time so it’ll look at the meetings actually scheduled for and then there’s actual call time and then there’s on scheduled call time. So time that wasn’t in the meeting, but it knows you are on a call. And there’s a number of different ways to get there. And I’ve been doing a lot of workshops on workplace analytics lately so that is why I know that

Jay Leask 14:14
that’s fair. And it sounds like that’s a good episode to follow up on since you have recent knowledge on it.

Craig Jahnke 14:19
Yeah, deliver would cover place analytics Academy lately so I am toot my own horn but about one of four people in the United States who’s accredited to deliver that for Microsoft we have partners and stuff who do it but we got some better people going to be doing it but some really accidentally ended up in the trial for

Jay Leask 14:40
real quick lift your arm up over your head. Alright, bend it down. And no behind your back and give yourself a good pat on the back there. Craig

Craig Jahnke 14:52
didn’t know where you’re going with that. Hey, you know make me

Jay Leask 14:58
No, no, that’s really that is really cool. I I I make fun because you know, we’re friends. It’s what we do. No,

Craig Jahnke 15:04
no, yeah, it was one of those things that they sent out an email that anybody interested in. And I said, Sure. And then I forgot about it. And I got invited to it. And it was funny. I went through the training, but I was like only person, I was like one of two people in America that actually decided to follow up on the training and do like the, the workshop and the presentation, and work with the product group to get a cool we call it credited with it. So

Jay Leask 15:27
cool. Cool. All right, I see a future episode coming up. So speaking of new enhancements, and and not future episodes, the next section we had to talk about was some updates on the mobile side. The first thing I’m going to go out of order and what’s written there, is it just passing through the iOS phones, mobile phones, Apple phones, are expecting updates for the UI experience for meetings. If you are Yeah, I was gonna say just briefly, the the meeting experience, they’ve been making tweaks, I don’t even want to call them massive, massive changes, just tweaks from the placement of the bar that’s now across the top of the meeting to the intro screen, where it actually shows you this is what your camera looks like. So you remember that your background has changed. It shows you, you know, hey, your hardware settings for audio are these some really cool things. So the fact that they’re updating iOS, they’re in November announcing those things. That’s good. The other thing I thought that was really interesting there, I didn’t realize that on the mobile device, the instant meeting support didn’t exist. So what I’m referring to there is the meet now option if you’re in the Calendar tab, there’s a meet now button on the desktop. I didn’t realize that didn’t exist mobile. So that that’s a good feature parity piece there.

Craig Jahnke 16:46
Yeah. And I think that we I don’t think that we’ve covered it. But something that’s important to also talk to Brandon talk mobile is, I believe this rolled out a few weeks, maybe a couple months ago now. But to be able to train, to transition from your desktop, to your phone. And that really lose, lose it that I think that was huge for a lot of people, you know, who traveled sales people and things like that? Yeah, just having issues with your desktop and want to travel? Or maybe you did that on one of our calls, or we’re doing in 365 meetings. But your desktop wasn’t working very well. So you transitioned it to the phone? And if you wouldn’t have told us we wouldn’t know. Yep. So

Jay Leask 17:27
obviously, I use that on a daily basis. And I’m glad you mentioned it. working from home, I I definitely use my kitchen more than I used to use the kitchen at the office. And so I will literally if I’m between meetings with no time I will take I will start a meeting on my mobile, go downstairs, grab my water, grab my snack, come back upstairs, click Join from my desktop and tell it to replace the mobile device. And yeah, people don’t even notice unless I’m I mean, they might notice if my video changes, but they don’t notice from an audio perspective. You don’t miss a beat because it actually does the transition. It doesn’t. It drops this one or drops the original when the new one actually connects. So it’s really cool. Yeah, good catch. That’s not that’s not in the blog. But it is a recent a recent enhancement.

Craig Jahnke 18:17
Yeah, that’s where I thought we were going. That’s where we’re gonna go when you’re going mobile. I was like waiting for it minimum like the habit. No. Speak of people like you who eat while we’re working right? noise suppression, right? You’re watching snacky chips with this come out. So

Jay Leask 18:37
I actually it’s really good question. Have you heard me typing throughout this meeting?

Craig Jahnke 18:42
No, I have not have you been? There you go.

Jay Leask 18:45
It’s interesting. There are some calls I’m on where they hear it and some where they don’t. And I think that is a matter of factor of the noise suppression. So noise suppression. Generally speaking, people get headphones or microphones that do noise suppression. But in the last three or four months, Microsoft has been pushing out updates to increase the ability to do software based noise noise suppression. And it’s been pretty cool. One of my co workers is really focused on the concept. And every couple of weeks, he’s like, Hey, can you hear this? And he’ll like screenshot scrunch up paper or chew chips or whatever and just to see if it’s getting better. So

Craig Jahnke 19:27
yeah, I figure we should partner with Doritos on a commercial for that but

not in marketing.

Jay Leask 19:33
Do you hear that marketing team? Craig’s got an actual good idea right, there

Craig Jahnke 19:38
we go. I wonder

Jay Leask 19:38
would Microsoft paid Doritos or would Doritos pay Microsoft for that product placement ad?

Craig Jahnke 19:47
It would be so joint venture where they would both chip in for that and pay half of the superbowl commercial spot right.

Jay Leask 19:55
That you net Craig This is you got to reach out to marketing on this one. I like where you’re going

Craig Jahnke 20:01
Oh, wait till you see our Super Bowl. And

Jay Leask 20:05
I, I’m sure there will be a good one. Oh, so also in call enhancements, the fact that call merge is, is now available. So that if you can, you can make a phone call, make another phone call and bring them together just like you can on a phone, more and more Microsoft Teams is becoming more is increasing the capabilities to match things like Avaya and other phone systems. So I’m not surprised to hear that this that this rolled out

Craig Jahnke 20:33
week. And then next section on our list talks about teams displays in teams certified devices, I think that could be skipped. Unless you talk about it. I

Jay Leask 20:43
think this was interesting. So we’ll skip we won’t talk in detail about it. But what I thought was interesting about this is they announced team’s displays about six weeks ago, maybe they announced the release of the first one. And we actually the M 365. Chicago conference actually gave one away as our three away as part of our of our process. And I you know, I still don’t i don’t have a companion device or anything like that. And I want to play with it a little bit. But I don’t want to pay $400 for it. But what was what caught my eye. So so go read the blog to see details. But what caught my eye about it was I started get curious, what does team certified actually mean? Like, if I’m buying a pair of headphones? Why do I care if it’s team certified, so I’ll put it in the blog. And I’ll link to the original article that talks about it. So just briefly running through what that means. And there’s a lot more information on the website that will be in our blog, specifically the fact that if multiple audio peripherals, two different headphones, two different microphones or whatever are plugged into your machine, the one that is team certified will automatically get selected, it’ll get prioritized. Another thing that was interesting, from a video perspective, there are specific requirements for noise, color, image detail, latency and framework framerate and field of view. The field of view is a good one, if you’re if you’ve ever looked at the together mode, and you notice how everyone’s cut off like at the chin, but they’re sitting in a big chair. Yeah, the field of view is part of that problem. So the fact that the team certified actually requires that is really interesting to me. And then some other one that really caught my eye was that all devices support firmware updates to allow new features and performance improvements to so the fact that Microsoft is saying if you want the stamp, you have to have built into your hardware, the ability to update so that if we make changes, you can make changes to match.

Craig Jahnke 22:37
Well, you know that it’s been so, so rare that Microsoft has put a change to teams that I can’t see that that’s an important feature.

Jay Leask 22:47
I feel like that was sarcasm.

Craig Jahnke 22:49
That was sir chasm. I wasn’t sure that you caught it at first. Yes, yes. No, that does not sound. They know what I was thinking.

Jay Leask 22:59
Oh, man. All right. All right. So that’s enough. So Craig, in the in the opener, we teased a little bit about power platform and Power Apps. And in this inner in this blog post, there’s an announcement about the UI for power app, Power Apps, power, automate and power virtual agents. and talk to us a little bit about what power virtual agents are. And more specifically, why do end users care about them?

Craig Jahnke 23:27
So power virtual agents are like the chat bots. They’re they’re actually built on top of power automate. But they allow us to actually build not just chat bots, but bots that allow us to use to interface with users, right? So a question and answer type things. You’ve seen him around for a while they’re on everybody’s websites now. Where I think it’s really comes in useful is in teams, right? Because you’re used to teams chatting, you’re used to teams channel, putting channel messages, it’s a very type in friendly user interface. And everybody’s used to that. So we can build in bots that I can, I can reference and it usually by an add sign, so I just say at my bot, right? Then I can ask it questions. And then I can build my body with a pretty cool user interface, or not user interface. But developer interface, it’s really easy for me to say, Okay, this is the question I’m expecting. Here are the answers provided? If I don’t get those answers, ask another question for clarification. And it uses AI to basically interpret what you’re typing in is the question because it doesn’t we don’t want it to have to say, What color is my car, right? And then I can say, hey, do you have cars that are in certain colors? Or do you have a red car, right? And all that should get the same kind of response? So the API is awesome to interpret what you’re typing in, if it’s close, or relatively close to the question, and then I can have answers to do that. As you For more information, feel ready? Relatively, relatively conversation alized. As you do that at all, that’s what if I just made that up. But then we can also type into the platform to do other things, especially like power automate, where I may want to do a workflow. And I think we’ve seen that for a while, right? Where we can hook into other things and be maybe, like, hey, I want to create a new team. Oh, is it a private team? Is it public team? It’s a public team, then, you know, what do we want to call it, then give it a name. use PowerShell, the graph API and do stuff on the back end and actually build out that team. So a lot of interaction in that. So it’s pretty cool. And then as you talked about Power Apps, power automate power virtual agents, they’re becoming first class, I want to say citizens, almost all the teams thing is application, there are apps that you can, you can add to your rail. And then when you click on them, they just opens up the ID for those. So instead of having to go into Power Apps power automate, you can do it straight from teams and build there. And then on top of all that, goodness, um, and easily publish to your team and put it in a tab and access that evidence really simple. On top of all that, goodness, you get the data verse, which is the renaming of project don’t tell, which was the renaming of DataFlex, which we had a conversation with. A couple weeks ago. Now, we had all podcasts on DataFlex. Right. So if you want to, you pick the audio, you pick the episode J.

Jay Leask 26:30
Yeah, I’ll make sure we put it in the blog, Bobby Chang was our guests, we had a whole episode on business apps, and, and, and the value of pod power automate, so I highly recommend checking out. But the reason I wanted to make sure we included this is you know, most of our listeners, our end users, their knowledge workers, they’re not developers, they don’t come from that background. And if he I’ve spoken about it before, and in my buzzkill podcast, we talked to some meet Sahni, who’s a perfect example of someone who has an end user of the system who learns a little bit and all of a sudden they become a problem solver with these tools. So definitely recommend listen to some neat story, listen to the episode we had with Bobby Chang a few weeks ago. And again, both of those will be here. And, and, you know, if you if you’re trying to solve if you have a problem that you can’t figure out how to look, figure it out, whether it’s workflow, whether it’s q&a, bot type things, these are things that are available to most people in office 365.

Craig Jahnke 27:34
Yeah, so a lot of that comes with your E three license D five license, so I’m not sure on how the government works. But if you have a fairly, you know, if you have a fairly license fairly good license, not necessarily a three, it can be the other three is what, like an education three or whatever, C three, yeah. Yeah, you have the ability to create Power Apps power automate, right in teams. And that is cool, right. So again, data versus basically tying into a, a database model, as opposed to using a list based model or an Excel spreadsheet that you might have done with other kind of Canvas apps. So it gives you the ability to have a database and live it live right in teams. environment, we could do a whole show on it. Similarly to that I think we should add a link to I will find it and get it to you. But Donna sokar, who is one of the Microsoft Project Managers had a big push on training that Microsoft is putting out to help people learn how these new tools work. So Power Apps, power automate with the thought of there are people during this time who have lost their jobs or trying to make transitions in careers, right. So being able to go through these programs and basically learn these tools for free, and then go out and try to get jobs on it because there are a lot of tech jobs out there where and it’s become even more important now that people are working from home and need to get things done try to automate stuff. And you know, a lot of jobs have struggled or gone away and people don’t know what to do so cool. A really, I think a really awesome job by Microsoft to say here’s an option for you. Here’s something that you can relate to that I’m going to say if you’ve got Excel skills and you try to get really deep in Excel there are jobs out there don’t want to be don’t want to but tech is not that anybody here is going to make it that far in the episode hopefully they did. That’s a novice but you know, there are technologies out there that people are reading for and looking for and teams and, and Power Apps and power automate are really so if you don’t, if it’s not just for you, if you know somebody who’s looking for a job or something are thinking what do I do with my career? Right kids coming out of school?

Jay Leask 29:48
What have I done with my career? No, I’m

kidding. Kiki, please, please.

Craig Jahnke 29:54
So So yeah,

Jay Leask 29:55
the link to donousa car thing would be really good to add to our blog as well. So definitely, if You want to know what Craig’s talking about? Check it out. There’s a few other things that I wanted to talk about today. But we’re gonna push them. If at the at the nice thing about this release blog, if you’ve never looked at it is at the bottom, it actually goes into some market things. So there’s a section on education. And the key, the key release, there was insights across classes. There’s a section on first line workers, so they talk about shift, which is a first line worker tool and how they have schedule assistance built into it now. And there’s a section on government and there’s a lot of features on the government side from GCC all the way to the d. o. d networks and new features that are coming. So check out the blog. And if I can get Craig to do it, maybe our next episode, we’ll do a what’s new in office 365, and teams for government next week.

Craig Jahnke 30:47
Yeah, we should be able to do that. Because I know you’re gonna be really excited. But I’ve seen a lot of stuff that just and you probably seen it too, that they’re trying to do feature parity government. Yeah, a lot sooner.

Jay Leask 30:57
Yes. Yeah. That’s the big one was the big one announced and we didn’t even talk about it today was that breakout rooms is becoming available in the government. And it just got announced general availability globally. And in fact, my wife who’s a teacher uses got breakout rooms in her tenant today. So some really cool stuff that’s going on out there. We’ll talk about it next week. But uh, Craig, anything you want to say before we wrap up?

Craig Jahnke 31:27
If I don’t talk to you before next week, Happy Hanukkah. I think that starts tonight. So it was I don’t know I was gonna say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year’s or any of those things, but I’m probably gonna we’re probably going to be recording next week.

Jay Leask 31:42
So if we don’t record before Christmas, Greg, we got bigger problems then. Then which holiday we forgot to welcome people for. Hey, for those curious

Craig Jahnke 31:51
anything that you saw.

curious if you’re watching

Jay Leask 31:54
this episode on our new YouTube channel for this week in teams, we’re still part of the the on the spot network, the podcast network. If you like listening to what we’re talking about, make sure you subscribe to us. If you want to check out our sister podcast buzzkill. Go subscribe there. And like, post it in the comment take if you put something in the comments. That isn’t a link to a porn site because man those are rampant on on YouTube. I’ll send you a this weekend team sticker. So that’s my that’s all I got to say, Greg.

Craig Jahnke 32:31
I got a note.

Sorry about that.

Jay Leask 32:40
This has been another team’s with Craig Jahnke and Jay Leask, thank you so much for checking us out. Have a good day. Bye

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