Buzzkill E18 – What is Ransomware with Yehudah Sunshine – IT Security Series

Yehudah Sunshine is the Chief Evangelist at o, a Content Disarm and Reconstruction specialist in the world of cybersecurity. Continuing the IT security series, Yehudah brings a base-line understanding of ransomware, a greater-than 30 year old technological trade, which required the physical acceptance and use of floppy disks, and now it hardly requires the installation of an app or opening of the wrong email.

As this series has continued to showcase, security is more than an IT concern. If you take one thing from this conversation with Yehudah, it is that ransomware can, and will, happen to anyone! Business, individuals, famous, poor, everybodies, and nobodies; we’re all sent ransomware files or messages with the goal of eventually allowing bad actors to gain access or control of your data – the point is, everyone is a target.

Small businesses and local government agencies are particularly vulnerable because they don’t have larger security teams that can keep up with the latest and greatest strategies, or afford to hire security professionals that have experience. Organizations also typically don’t spend the necessary time on training and deployment to ensure that their users are operating in line with secure practices.

Suffice it to say, ransomware is not a new problem, but it’s certainly a problem that has reached a critical mass, and no amount of IT security in-and-of-itself will be enough. Combatting ransomware, malware, and IT security in general, requires a personal attention.

Join Yehudah Sunshine on this episode of the Buzzkill IT Podcast’s IT Security Series to learn a little bit more about Ransomware and why you need to pay attention to it.

Buzzkill IT Podcast Episode 18 – Ransomware with Yehudah Sunshine – IT Security Series

About Yehudah Sunshine

Bringing together a diverse professional cyber know-how, intellectual fascination with history and culture, and eclectic academic background focusing on diplomacy and the cultures of Central Asia, Yehudah (attempts to) keenly blend his deep understanding of the global tech ecosystem with a nuanced worldview of the underlying socio-economic and political forces which drive policy and impact innovation in the cyber sectors. His current work focuses on how to create and enhance marketing strategies and cyber-driven thought leadership for odix, an Israel-based cybersecurity start-up. Yehudah has written and researched extensively within cybersecurity, the service sectors, international criminal accountability, Israel’s economy, Israeli diplomatic inroads, Israeli innovation and technology, and Chinese economic policy.

Connect with Yehudah here:

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