#OTSTWIT Viva Insights with Stephanie Donahue – Episode 38

This Week’s Episode:

This week Jay & Craig are joined by Stephanie Donahue, founder of The PAIT Group and Microsoft Regional Director and MVP, to discuss Viva Insights.

Often confused as a “big brother” tool, enabling organizations to see what their employees are doing with their time; Viva Insights is designed to make those very statistics more generalized, to give organizations an understanding of their workforce, department by department and as a whole. Additionally, Insights provides tools for the workforce itself, from helping normalize mental wellness to personal working hours and helping surface files and conversations that may be relevant based on an employees tasks and meetings that day.

About Stephanie Donahue

With over 20 years of experience in the IT Sector, Stephanie is a leader, an innovator, and skilled problem solver. She has a passion for technology and innovation that led her to co-found the PAIT Group. Stephanie believes that technology can minimize risk and maximize business growth and potential.

Stephanie is a recognized member of the SharePoint community where she speaks, writes, and organizes SharePoint events both locally and nationally. Stephanie’s community engagement helps keep her fingers on the pulse of technology to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technologies. She leverages her knowledge and relationships with vendors, peers, and thought leaders into innovative business solutions for each of PAIT’s clients.

As president and managing partner of PAIT Group, Stephanie leverages her experience and develops relationships to build a dynamic environment for her clients that ensure the right solutions are developed to address their unique business critical projects and issues.

PAIT helps senior management build technology plans that achieve business critical goals and co-executes these solutions with your company ensuring a proper transfer of knowledge. The result for the client is increased ROI with much lower risk. PAIT’s client success is proof that the model works. PAIT matches complex concepts and projects to simple solutions. PAIT Group utilizes Microsoft technology including Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and Yammer to build solutions and solve business problems.

If manual business processes and dated technology are holding your company back, PAIT can help. The experienced PAIT Group team can help your company liberate and automate your IT. No business challenge is too complicated.

Learn More from Stephanie here:

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