SPTechCon, Cognitive Services, Compliance, GDPR, Salesforce and Google, Kaspersky! Oh My!

Recorded November 16, 2017

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In today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke discuss SPTechCon, Cognitive Services, Compliance and GDPR, Salesforce and Google, Kaspersky Software, and the great Redwood Forests:

  • SPTechCon recap: Held November 12-15, Jay got to attend (no booth duty!) the Washington D.C. SPTechCon, and had a blast. Presentations ranged from “What is Office 365 Groups” (I may have paraphrased the title) and “Tackling Adoption like a Service” to “Enhancing SharePoint with Azure Cognitive Services” and “Office 365 Compliance” (with Azure). It really had a little something for everyone and if you want to know more about any of the sessions reach out to the presenters and ask for their deck – not a single presenter Jay spoke with was unwilling to share. We <3 the SharePoint Community!
  • Microsoft announces GDPR Compliance Dashboard: With GDPR falling hard on us in Q2 2018, everyone is trying to make it easy. To that end Microsoft has announced the Compliance Manager Preview, enabling you to ensure data security for regulations such as GDPR across all of Microsoft 365.
  • Salesforce announces Google partnership: Frenemies once again, Salesforce has been suggesting Microsoft has fallen behind the eight-ball and adds Google to its list of cloud partners (You may recall in 2016 AWS was announced their preferred infrastructure partner). This may be posturing and publicity, or it may be a larger rift beginning to form, but either way, if you use Salesforce beyond it’s out of the box capabilities this may be important to you!
  • Kaspersky Software denies malicious intent: The saga continues (not Star Wars, this time) as Karspersky responds to allegations that it was hacking NSA servers. Supposedly they were just doing their job, and when they realized they had classified content the immediately destroyed it. This will stick around for at least a few months as they are investigated and the repercussions of those findings come to light.

Similar to the usefulness of a fortune cookie, Jay closed the show with not only a dinosaur fact of the day, but an anecdote he heard at SPTechCon from Liam Cleary about the great Redwood Forests (yes, you’ll just have to listen to hear it). We appreciate you joining us today, and if you have a topic you want us to discuss ping us on Twitter to let us know!

Dinosaur Facts of the Day: The smallest dinosaur was 4 inches and weighed less than a chihuahua.

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