Thanksgiving, Microsoft Teams, and Net Neutrality

Recorded November 22, 2017

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In today’s On the SPOT News Brief, Jay Leask and Craig Jahnke discuss Thanksgiving, SharePoint Saturday Chicago and MIcrosoft Teams, but mostly this is an introductory discussion on Net Neutrality and how the FCC’s recent announcement will effect your life.

But first, November listens are 750% up from October (150 unique listens prior to this episode, versus October’s 20) — which isn’t saying much, but I’m excited about it!

SPSChicago – 12 Sessions, 100 attendees, and full rooms.  Tracks were Office 365, Microsoft Teams, AI and Big Data.  Feedback was that it really liked it.

Microsoft’s Skype for Business Shift to Teams Could Be 3 Year Transition

  • Microsoft is using a newer infrastructure for voice and video that’s shared with the consumer version of Skype
  • Plan to achieve feature parity before calendar-year 2019
  • Current Skype for Business solutions are expected to work at least until Oct. 2020

Net Neutrality

  • What is it about?
    • Jay’s Take: Net Neutrality ensures that if you pay for internet access you get access to all of it. Liberal, Conservative; Professional, Amateur; Foreign, Domestic; Rich, Poor; Your ISP or their competitor. Net Neutrality give you the ability to get to it all.
    • Craig’s Take: He agreed with Jay, but doesn’t know if it is as simple as that.  So much of what I have seen has come from the user’s side basically saying people good and corporations are bad.   I think there is some grey area there. If ISP’s are able to charge more for bandwidth hogs, they will be able invest more in innovation and open the door for competition.
  • Arguments against Net Neutrality
    • Portugal took down Net Neutrality and is starting to see content-based tiers from ISPs.
    • The laws that Net Neutrality are guaranteed by are draconian and meant to keep the giant phone conglomerates from being able to take over.
    • If you are supplying resources, such as the backbone that the internet is on, by rolling back on Net Neutrality you enable ways to recuperate expenses based on uses.
    • ISPs believe that heavier users of the Internet should pay more. This extra money could be used to increase the bandwidth of the Internet for everyone and drive prices down (Phil for Humanity).
    • It allows ISPs to charge those who use bandwidth-hogging services such as Netflix or bit torrent extra for using those services.
    • It will feed innovation by providing funding from these bandwidth hogs to “build advanced fiber networks” that enable new internet services
  • Arguments for Net Neutrality
    • Marvin Ammori of Huffington Post argues that without Net Neutrality regulations, an ISP can choose to block content on a whim, for example, if you use #comcastsucks as a Comcast subscriber, or #wishihadcomcast as a Fios subscriber, the ISP could trigger off that and limit your bandwidth.
    • Verizon and Comcast are asking us to trust their “pinky-swear” that they won’t begin filtering content based on political or personal preference. Comcast’s commitment to an open intranet
  • Other Links
  • In Summary
    • Detractors of Net Neutrality are saying we will all benefit, but here’s my canary in the coal mine: I’m seeing conservatives and liberals in my networks talk about how awful this is. Conservatives are saying that we can’t trust Big Brother. Liberals are saying freedom of information is important.
    • Removing all regulations is probably not the right answer.
    • There needs to be a balance that allows for corporation to make money and reinvest the money in innovation.

Closing the show, Jay’s heart was broken when he found out (off the air) that Great Harvest Bread Company was not the local franchise he thought it was but was more like Panera. Still good, just not local. And, of course, your dinosaur fact of day: dinosaurs lived in three geological periods: CretaceousJurassic, and Triassic .

We appreciate you joining us today, and if you have a topic you want us to discuss ping us on Twitter to let us know!

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