This Week in Teams E9 – June 20, 2020

This Week in Teams we’re excited to bring you some new content. The day after our last release Microsoft released an article with a ton of new Teams for Education features that … weren’t … new … it was a great list, but we’ve talked about everything in it, and didn’t want to simple repeat ourselves.

Where’s the fun in that?

So, This Week in Teams is different. After 8 episodes we’ve come to realize that having enough new content every week will be hard, so instead, we’re going to supplement with content about using the tool itself. Every few episodes, when we have a lull in the technology releases, we’re going to bring to you real-world examples of how to get the most out of Teams. Use cases backed by Microsoft customer stories.

This Week (in Teams, I couldn’t resist) we talk about Teams Live and how to get the most out of producing video content for broadcast. Teams Live, in contrast to Teams Meetings, gives producers a one-way broadcast capability for education events, town halls, and other events where sending out audio, video, and screen sharing is of value, but it makes more sense to have few content creators and many listeners. Up to 20,000 per meeting in fact. Check out these post-event details to see how they did this MASSIVE event.

To start, our examples focus on the Microsoft community itself. Well known for our Microsoft/Azure/Office365/SharePoint User Groups and (SPS) Saturday events, like much of the world, the community has found itself canceling events and moving online. The big sample is a 36-hour event with nearly 400 presentations and over 20,000 attendees — the Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon was an impressive feat and a spotlight of our Teams Live use case.

Lest we not forget to announce the third panel in our video, we are joined by the Cloud Talk Show ( co-host, Software Architect, and self-proclaimed Microsoft Aficionado, Ralph Rivas.

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