Buzzkill E4 – Governance after the Pandemic WFH Boom

Governance is a naughty word in IT. Not because we don’t want it, per se, but because there’s the thought that the cost isn’t worth the squeeze, or that we can’t even get the funds to cover the cost, let alone if there’s any ROI on it.

But Governance isn’t just about plans. It’s about actions, automation, and education. In this age of Software-as-a-Service and end-user adoption as success criteria, a proper governance plan can not only ensure data security and adoption success but have measurable ROI in against IT effort and collaboration efficiency.

Buzzkill E4 – Governance for Digital Transformation

In this episode Hunter and Jay dig into the business conversation around WHAT is a governance plan, WHY it provides future proofing in an age of rapid technological change, WHO should be included (because it can’t just be just an IT thing), and HOW you get started.

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