This Week in Teams E10 – July 4, 2020

On This Week in Teams, July 4, 2020, we talk about Zoom’s 90 day Security release cycle, Reliance Jio Platform’s new Meet product, and the Microsoft Store closures.

Then, we get into the products.

  • How to embed Modern SharePoint Pages into the Microsoft Teams sidebar
  • Large gallery view (7×7) was announced to increase the on-screen call participants from just 4 at the beginning of the year to 49, coming later this year.
  • Virtual breakout rooms will mean no more having to workaround the hold feature to have true breakouts.
  • Meetings are popping out! Watch for your commercial tenant to receive automatic meeting pop-outs, but be aware that the meeting functions bar will work differently (better?) in the new interface.
  • PTSN / Phone changes are coming! From disguised phone numbers to a safe transfer process. Even Government customers in the GCC are getting enhanced PTSN features including join/leave announcements and new lobby settings!
  • On demand translation for mobile applications is going to change how we communicate.
  • Class Insights join more than 20 other updates to the Teams for Education program.
  • Shifts for Teams has been out for some time, but in June it rolled out for the GCC. Jay wrote an article about Shifts for Teams in the GCC; if you plan to roll it out in your tenant, we’d love to hear how you plan to use it and how effective it is!

Many of these features have been discussed over the past 4-5 episodes. However, for a full list of June’s updates, check Microsoft’s Tech Community blog.

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