This Week in Teams #OTSTWIT E11 – July 10, 2020

This Week in Teams E11 – July 10, 2020

This week Craig and Jay dig into the recent meeting enhancement updates. We’ve been talking about 7×7 video mode since Microsoft announced 3×3, and we’ve started to see the new 49-person mode in the wild. And then, seemingly out of nowhere, they released “together” mode.

Together what? Built on their AI and automatic background sensing, Microsoft is giving us a view of what it would look like with everyone in the same room. The view everyone is sharing right now looks a bit like a lecture hall, maybe stadium seating? But on top of that, there have been previews of smaller settings like the meeting table (reminded me of that scene in Demolition Man, frankly)

10 things the film Demolition Man predicted | Pop Verse
Demolition Man (1993) – under estimating the future of virtual meetings in 2032.

Other things we discussed included Cortana in the mobile app, a little more information on the Tasks app (joining Outlook Tasks, Planner, and more), and some updates on the Power Platform.

Got a suggestion for what we should talk about in a future episode? Let us know in the comments!

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