Maintaining Team Spirit while Remote Working with Karoliina Kettukari, MVP – #OTSTWIT E27

In this episode we are joined by Microsoft MVP and Modern Work Lead for Meltlake, Karoliina Kettukari. In her daily duties, Karoliina focuses on adoption and true understanding of how the Microsoft Teams platform can help customers no only meet their business requirements but maintain a team spirit while remote working.

I don’t have email

Besides being incredibly busy in the community, Karoliina shared one tidbit that showed how she and Meltlake were at the forefront of using Teams about her use of Teams and email – she doesn’t use email but insteads collaborates with both coworkers and customers alike inside Microsoft Teams.

We also discussed Microsoft Viva, insights and analytics, holding virtual coffee breaks, and the incredible value of non-traditional features like “praise” and GIFs (is your “G” more like giraffe or going?) in Teams.

Karoliina is very busy in the community, if you want to learn more from her, you can find her … everywhere:

This Week in Teams Episode 27 with Karoliina Kettukari,
MVP & Modern Work Lead at Meltlake

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