Buzzkill E13 – PERSEC with Liam Cleary – IT Security Series

This is the second episode in the IT Security Series. Check out the rest of the series:

This episode, Jay and Hunter talk Personal Security (PERSEC) with Liam Cleary, MVP MCT and CEO of SharePlicity.

Buzzkill E13 – PERSEC Personal Security – IT Security Series

Personal security is a topic that covers so much of the ways that we work and collaborate.  This is especially true when it comes to understanding how secure your connections are, to how and what kind of content you share and where you share it. For organizations and administrators, simply understanding that users are not fully aware of the risks they encounter on a regular basis is a great place to start.

Wifi, Connectivity and How Kids Use the Internet

Liam shared an excellent example of how he setup a free wifi network that many peoples devices simply connected to by default. We explored the risks that this can cause, and how it’s dangerous to leave devices on their default settings. We also heard about how Liam’s children were bypassing their schools security settings via proxy servers and Facebook’s internet browsing capabilities.

Social Media Behavior and Other Risks to Corporate Data

We also talked about the kind of information that some people share on social media or with vendors without thinking about the consequences of reveal too much about their locations or handing over too much personal or financial information.

We explore the many ways that these types of behavior and others can open users and organizations alike to an unsafe amount of risk.

We wrapped with practical recommendations that Corporate IT teams and stakeholders can act on to increase user buy-in for security, and apply solution strategies to reduce the risk caused by a lack of security awareness or preparedness.

About Liam Cleary

Triptych - Headshots of Liam Cleary from his blog

Liam began his career as a Trainer of things computer related. He realized that programming, breaking, and hacking was a lot more fun. The next few years he worked within core infrastructure and security services until he found SharePoint. As a Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Trainer, and can be found presenting all over the planet, as well as teaching his kids how to code, raspberry PI programming, hacking the planet or building Lego robots.

Find Liam Here:

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