#MSIgnite 2021 – Day 2 Recap with Sharon Weaver

Sharon Weaver, Microsoft Regional Director, and CEO of Smarter Consulting, joins the This Week In Teams podcast to talk about Microsoft Ignite Day 2 and the overall vision Microsoft threw down as part of their Ignite conference this week.

As a consultant, Sharon’s attention to change management and business solutions drives her to focus on usability and adoption. This approach to solutions is prevalent in our discussion around the vision set forth by Microsoft throughout the conference, but especially when it comes to their #MicrosoftMesh keynote and demonstrations.

Day 2 was kicked off by details around Microsoft Viva followed by seemingly small details around Power Platform and Power BI (such as Excel Online’s integration with Power BI pivot tables and object-level security), Lists (offline mode, what!), and Dynamics (see the Day 1 Webinars announcement) — all of which are major features, but seemingly small compared to the Mixed Reality scenes of Mesh.

If you want to hear more from Sharon Weaver, find her here:

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