Buzzkill E14 – Identity Management with Stephanie Donahue – IT Security Series

This is the third episode in the IT Security Series. Check out the rest of the series:

This week on Buzzkill we talk about Identity Management and its relationship to the modern IT infrastructure with we Stephanie Donahue – a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director and the President at PAIT Group.

This conversation is an excellent summary of Identity security and how things have changed, especially with a transition to the cloud. 

Buzzkill Episode 14 – IT Security Series #3 – Identity Management with Stephanie Donahue

Stephanie explains the necessity of Identity security and how identity security is the next step past file serving servers or VPNs. Jay, Stephanie and Hunter discuss examples of how organizations have had performance and access limited by the constraints of former technologies.

We also discuss the importance of understanding modern methods of authentication, updating user profiles, and how critical training and change management are to organizations when it comes to user processes.

Stephanie concludes with some excellent take-aways and considerations for organizations that have not yet made a transition to more recent methods of user identity security and authentication.

About Stephanie Donahue

Stephanie is a recognized member of the SharePoint community where she speaks, writes, and organizes SharePoint events both locally and nationally. Stephanie’s community engagement helps keep her fingers on the pulse of technology to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to emerging technologies. She leverages her knowledge and relationships with vendors, peers, and thought leaders into innovative business solutions for each of PAIT’s clients.

If you liked hearing Stephanie’s point of view on technology, check out her podcast ‘Techsplaining’, a show which brings you the points of view from an enterprise corporation, consulting organization for SMB’s, and an Independent Software Vendor.

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