M365Cabo – The Modern Workplace Architecture is Flat!

This presentation was presented by Joy Apple and Jay Leask at M365 Friday Cabo San Lucas #M365Cabo, Friday, November 11, 2021. #M365Cabo was a unique hybrid conference in which both English and Spanish-speaking presenters shared content both virtually and joined together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, to present to a virtual audience of over 500 registrants.

Synopsis & Materials

For years science has argued that your Information Architecture should follow your organizational structure and intranets have been built accordingly. However, Flat Architecturers Joy & Jay are here to break the conspiracies and show Flat Architecture is not only possible, but it works! Come join this INTERACTIVE session where they will indoctrinate you in the methods of building a flat architecture for your modern workplace.

For real though, here’s what you’ll learn (using M365 as an example):

  • Why is a Flat Architecture the best practice?
  • How do you go from Nested to Flat?
  • How is this best for business users? Admins? Security? Knowledge Management?

Speaker Info

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