Virtual Africa Road Trip with Olajumoke Toriola – #OTSTWIT E32

This Week in Teams, Olajumoke Toriola continues our Virtual African Road Trip with with her thoughts on mentorship and diversity, and then shares her experience in providing training focused on end-user needs, not simply capabilities.

Olajumoke (“Ola”) is a very active member of the Nigerian technology community and an advocate for diversity, especially women in technology. Beyond her work as CTO of Ha-shem Limited, Ola co-founded a group called TechStylers assisting in developing women in technology.

With relation to Microsoft Teams within Nigeria, Ola shares how Nigeria’s adoption of Skype for Business was a kick starter to ensure that Nigerian technologists quickly adopted Microsoft Teams as it came out. We expand on how the COVID pandemic effected Digital Transformation across Nigeria, and we also speak about training and how to engage users where they are, not simply with flashy capabilities but with solutions to their specific needs.

To learn more from Ola you can find her and her community work here:

OTSTWIT E32 – Virtual Africa Road Trip with Olajumoke Toriola

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