Data Analysis Using Power BI for Beginners with Pragati Jain #M365Chicago

Presented Friday, June 4, 2021 at M365 Chicago by Pragati Jain.

This is a beginner’s session that focuses on what Microsoft Power BI is and what this tool can do. The session is specially for developers who have started to work on building reports and dashboards using Power BI. The tool is not just for visualization, but it extends its capabilities to data cleaning and data transformations. We will start the session by opening a fresh Power BI file and making ourselves aware of the basic elements like:

  • Report page, canvas, gridlines, page settings to familiarise ourselves with the tool interface.
  • Available Data source connections – files, folders, azure, database, etc.
  • Different types of filters – visual level, page level & report level.
  • In-built data hierarchy in the data.
  • Show and talk about Report, Data and Model View in Power BI.
  • A walkthrough by loading a sample data csv/excel file in Power BI and start looking at few data transformations/cleaning in Query editor.
  • Basic data cleaning and transformations using query editor – modifying datatypes, handling missing values, creating new custom column, adding an index column.
  • Once the data is loaded, we will start by generating few basic charts.
  • Basic visuals for reporting – line charts, bar charts, columns charts, pie-charts, card visual, tree-maps.
  • Edit Interactions functionality to control the interactions among different visuals on the report.
  • As Power BI is a very strong tool in identifying key insights in the data, we will cover few interesting data behaviours that we see on the data.

Pragati has been recently awarded with Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award (MVP) under Data Platform category.

Currently, she is working as a Senior Data Analyst in UK and works towards generating and delivering data insights to various customers. She holds a Master’s degree in Data Science and Analytics from Royal Holloway University of London.

She is skilled in various tools and technologies like Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Azure ML Studio, Azure databricks Pyspark and SQL.

She has been using Power BI for few years now and started participating on Power BI Community from last few months where she is one of the community Superusers.

Outside work she enjoys photography, loves hiking, she is a trained Indian classical singer and has a passion for painting.

She even has her Instagram page dedicated to painting.

Microsoft MVP Profile Link:

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